3411 – 20 Street SW, Calgary
Walk in only

Located in the Marda Loop Mercantile, [M]eatery is propelled by Head Chef Andrew Lowry. Although being open for less than two months, the establishment has hit the ground running, turning heads in South Calgary and the rest of the city alike.

[M]eatery purchases most of their food from the mercantile – they have a mantra to support local suppliers, setting the foundation for a quaint farm to table restaurant.

“We’re basically just a small bistro, we are located inside the market so I try to use as much from the Market on my menu as I possibly can. Anybody that has a meal with us can buy most of the food on the menu from the market at well,” says Lowry.

Owned by Brant Lake Wagyu, the menu features many of their quality cuts, transpired into delicious dishes. While most of their stock is procured from the mercantile itself, [M]eatery also works with Broxburn Farms for their produce and Alberta Cheese.

“I want to have everything as close to farm to table as possible, I try to support as many local suppliers as we have in Calgary and Alberta. In the last 10 to 15 years in Calgary it’s really changed, we have more suppliers than ever before,” says Lowry.

Stemming from a background of Italian cuisine, Lowry spent four years working as the head chef for Double Zero pizza, as well as Una.

[M]eatery keeps a fresh supply of local craft beer and distilled spirits. Working closely with Eau Claire Distillery, as well as Marda Loop Brewery; located just down the road from their restaurant.

Lowry received the award for Best PIzza while he was a chef at Double Zero, we are excited to see what [M]eatery cooks up for Alberta On The Plate.

3-course Lunch @ $29

Course 1 vegetarian

Local tomato salad with Broxburn tomatoes, Lean Mean Microgreen basil and EVOO

Course 2

Brant Lake Wagyu Denver steak with arugula, salsa verde and grana padano


Course 3

Local fruit pie from Pie Cloud

Recommended Beverage Pairings
(not included in pricing)

Marda Loop Brewing (Calgary) Red Trolley Ale

Eau Claire Distillery (Turner Valley) Prairie Mule