5015 – 48A Street, Leduc

Dinner @ $25

First Course

Nachos! Start off with an individual size portion of our Famous Nachos! El Gringo corn tortilla chips (gluten free!) piled high with corn, black beans, scallions, tomatoes, fresh jalapeño slices, stretchy cheese, and your choice of either Ridge Valley Colony Alberta beef, or our house-made crumbled chorizo featuring Family Meats pork! Comes with salsa and sour cream.

Second Course

Enchiladas Suizas! Our house-made chorizo featuring Family Meats pork is tucked inside three El Mercado corn tortillas (gluten free!), smothered in our spicy Enchilada Verde sauce, topped with cheese and baked in a cast iron skillet! Garnished with crema fresca and fresh jalapeño slices.

Recommended Pairing: “The Jalapeño Caesar” – Rig Hand Distillery Jalapeño Basil vodka, fresh jalapeño, and garnished with a bacon-wrapped jalapeño plus our top-secret glass rimmer! (1 oz vodka) This is an incredible pairing with the jalapeño-based Enchilada Verde sauce in our entrée.

What happens when “Dos Güeros” go to México?

Once upon a time, “Dos Güeros” (or two white guys from Canada) had property in Mexico. The two engineers enjoyed eating all the great street food there. But, they couldn’t find any food like that when they came back to Canada.

So, brothers Jim and Don started hiring a chef down in Cabo San Lucas to teach them all the secrets and the traditional recipes. For a while, this great food was just for family and friends, or the occasional office potluck.

Then one day, they got a restaurant in Leduc where they could become part of the community and share traditional Mexican flavours and dishes (and some Tex-Mex ones too).

What makes Habaneros Mexican Grill unique is we take the food we love to eat in Mexico, and interpret it for a Canadian audience here in the Capital Region. We pride ourselves on bold flavours, hand-made salsas, and fresh, local ingredients. We hope you’ll agree that it feels just like being back in Mexico when you come to Habaneros Mexican Grill.