Gourmet Dinner @ $65

First Course (choice of)

Fiddle River Flair {*Gluten free/*vegetarian} – organic field greens and marinated cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, curried carrots & roasted beets served with sweet basil and Beary Berry Honey vinaigrette


Alberta Ginger Beef ‘n’ Green Onion Cake – our take on the two iconic dishes from Alberta from 1970s…. the classic fried Ginger Beef recipe created in Calgary AND the popular Green Onion Cake from Edmonton best enjoyed together with a secret blend of sauces

Second Course (choice of)

Elk Stroganoff & Bison Sausage {gluten free) – Braised Elk stew meat from Canadian Rangeland Ranch in cognac demi glace with caramelized onions, smoked paprika, dill pickles and sour cream served with Alberta Bison fennel sausage and roasted baby pots from The Little Potato Company


Fire Grilled Pork Chop & Pork-Fennel Sausage {gluten free} – bone-in pork chop from Bear and the Flower Farm brined 24 hours in Beary Berry Honey, Alberta Rye and Juniper berry liquid, served alongside creamy garlic mashed potatoes, Saskatoon berry sauce and seasonal vegetables……best enjoyed medium-well

Third Course

Warm Berry Tart with homemade Honey-Rum Ice Cream – medley of organic blueberries, cranberries, Prairie Gardens strawberries & rhubarb from our own garden, tossed in cinnamon spiced merlot wine and baked in a flaky buttery pie crust served with a scoop of in-house churned honey and rum ice cream

Recommended Pairings: 
Jasper Brewing Crisp Pilsner
“Prickled Pear Fiddle Mule” – Eau Claire Distillery Equineox

Welcome to Jasper’s cozy Rocky Mountain restaurant. Located on the 2nd floor gives our patrons a beautiful scenic view of the Jasper mountains and scenery. Fiddle River is Jasper’s premier seafood restaurant and serves fresh fish, seafood, wild game and Alberta AAA Angus beef. Interesting appetizers include Earl Grey Smoked Candied Salmon, Fish Cakes, Bourbon glazed Pork Belly and Coconut Prawns. We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That’s why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets.

“A good dining experience is an amalgamation of an inspired creative chef, attentive and friendly service and a very pleasant atmosphere”, says owner Patrice Fortin.

Fiddle River restaurant started in 1993 with a real flair for fresh fish and seafood. Over the years, Wild Game, Alberta Angus Beef and fresh herbs & spices enhanced the menu, Today, the same food items that built Fiddle River ‘s reputation are part of the menu. Our focus now is to keep buying fresh ingredients responsibly. Buying local, regional and closer to home is what we do!

We also feature a variety of salads, pasta dishes and vegetarian entrees. A reasonable wine list and great service are additional reasons why you should make your dinner reservations tonight. Enjoy our outdoor patio while overlooking Jasper’s beautiful mountains.