Global News Calgary – August 9
Tarance Zak (Bloomfield Garden Centre), Melanie Isles (Full Bloom Herbals) and Nicole Cordes (Back to Good Whole Foods Market & Deli)
Video: Forage on the Farm: interactive experience showcases homegrown Alberta goodness

Global News Calgary – August 7
Tannis Baker (Alberta on the Plate) and Chef Paul Rogalski (Rouge)
Video: Alberta on the Plate food and drink festival

Global News Calgary – August 3
Tannis Baker (Alberta on the Plate) and Chef Brendan Bohan (Vintage Group) 
Video: Alberta on the Plate

Global News Edmonton – August 1
Mary Bailey (The Tomato Food + Drink) and Chef Dave Kantor (The Cave Paleo Beastro)
Video: Mary Bailey highlights Alberta on the Plate


The Western Producer (Western Canada) – September 12, 2019
Tour teaches foragers about edible weeds

Chat News Today (Medicine Hat) – August 8, 2019
Alberta on the Plate food festival featuring two local eateries

Lethbridge News Now (Lethbridge) – August 4, 2019
‘Alberta on the Plate’ to showcase Lethbridge restaurants & local food

Calgary Sun (Calgary) – July 18, 2019
Gerry Forbes: Best of Alberta coming to your plate



Red Deer Advocate (Red Deer) – August 9, 2019
Cool weather and hail impact Central Alberta farms

Calgary Herald (Calgary) – August 3, 2019
Chorney-Booth: Comery Block brings a taste of Tennessee to 17th Ave

Savour It All (Calgary) – August 1, 2019
Celebrating Food Day Canada 2019 and the bounty of Alberta this August

Culinaire Magazine (Alberta) – June 29, 2019
A Taste of Home: Exploring Local Food Week

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